Excel Office Cat 6 Unscreened Module - Low Profile, White 100-276

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Excel Office Cat 6 Unscreened Module - Low Profile, White 100-276
Features Excel Office Product colour matched Category 6 compliant One Piece, Snap-in Design Built in Slide Label System Low Profile Design LSA Style Termination Blocks 25 Year System Warranty Available in Office White & Charcoal Grey 25 x 50mm Euromod Size Product Overview The Excel Office Category 6 Low Profile RJ45 module has been designed to fit with the Excel Office Range of mounting hardware, which brings style and enhanced aesthetics to any Excel installation, thanks to the its curved plate finish and built in labeling fields. Excel Category 6 Low Profile RJ45 modules comply with the Category 6 performance standards. Each shuttered module is supplied with a slide label field and space above, this is allowed for use of self adhesive or further labelling if required. Termination can be made using LSA compatible tooling. The low profile design makes this module ideal for installations in shallow dado trunking. The range is available in Office White or Charcoal Grey. These two colour options permit the assembly of the telecommunication outlets to contrast with the wall finish if required to comply with the Equality Act 2010 and Part M of the Building Regulations. As all of the components are available in Office White & Charcoal Grey the telecommunications outlet can comprise of any combination: White Shutter / Module & White Faceplate Grey Shutter / Module & White Faceplate White Shutter / Module & Grey Faceplate Grey Shutter / Module & Grey Faceplate Performance Overview Excel Category 6 Data Outlets are manufactured and tested to the Category 6 performance standards as defined by the TIA and ISO standards' bodies. Swept frequency tests are applied to each critical performance characteristic, such as near end cross talk (NEXT) and far end cross talk (FEXT). Both Worst Case and Power Sum Test methods are applied. Actual performance exceeds the required standard by a considerable margin ensuring sufficient headroom for even the most demanding applications.
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Product Pdf http://www.dttuk.co.uk/pdfs/1392124464.pdf