25mt reel 16mm Black hook & loop p/no 50200


25mt reel 16mm Black  hook & loop p/no 50200

KPT Hook and Loop is a non-expandable sleeving which is woven from Monofilament (weft) and multifilament (warp) polyester yarns, it provides a lightweight, high strength hook and loop solution along its length for a neat closed finish. The principal application of this sleeving is for wrapping and bunching cables in a deployed situation. KPT Hook and Loop can be easily wrapped and closed over the cable bundle. It can be re-opened readily to permit cables to be added or removed and breakouts can simply be made through the hook and loop tape closure and can be installed on complete assemblies. KPT Hook and Loop self wrapping, low profile and flexible design fits tightly to cables making it ideal bundling solution in restricted areas without affecting the flexibility of the components it protects. Its inherent flexibility allows it to conform to irregular shapes and contours.