1. October 27, 2017

    Ethernet vs Wi-Fi: The War for the Planet of the Internet

    It’s the age of “wi-fi”. Wireless internet connections are rampant, available in homes, public spaces, and just about anywhere else you can think of.

    However, there was a time not too long ago when using cables were one of the few ways of obtaining internet access. Before you dismiss them as outdated, though, know that these cables are still highly relevant, and what’s more, more reliable than wi-fi. And if you’re running large servers or require a stable connection at your workplace, you absolutely need ethernet cables!

    Most of us are no strangers to the unreliable nature of wireless connections. There’s absolutely no shame in admitting that we’re slaves to the whims, moods and fancies of our unreliable wireless network because it’s a boat that most of us are sailing in at any given point! Just when you finally get to the exciting climax scene on “Se7en” or “Shawshank Redemption”, you see an all-too-familiar

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  2. October 25, 2017

    Picking the Right Ethernet Cable

    There are several different types of Ethernet cables. These are categorised based on “shielding” (whether or not the electric cable is encased by a common conductive layer), maximum transmission speed, and maximum bandwidth (the amount of information the connection can handle at a given point of time).

    Ethernet Cables

    Based on these parameters, there are 6 different types of Ethernet cables. Before we go on to explain them, let’s take a minute

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  3. October 02, 2017

    10 Server Rooms Wired to Break Your IT Guy

    Good wiring in a server room takes pre-thought and effort. Not everyone is up to that.

    The Worst Offenders

    1. Anti-Grav

    There is an ineluctable tendency of every wire to droop and sag until it forms an ankle high snare designed to link your falling body to the expensive electrical equipment you manage.

    Well, it may not be tidy, but why not just hang the lot from the ceiling instead? I don’t think its just the massive carton of salt on the table that is going to give this server engineer a heart attack.

    How not to do a server room

    2. The Highly Evolved Mess

    One of the often quoted arguments against ‘intelligent design’ in nature

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  4. October 02, 2017

    The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Ethernet Cables

    When putting together a local area network (LAN), you’ve got a number of options if you go wireless; but if you go with good old fashioned wires odds are your best bet is the humble Ethernet cable.

    The age and ubiquity of the ethernet cable does mean that it has a taxonomy as tangled as the wires beneath your techie’s desk. So to make it easier here’s the basic decisions you’ll need to make when buying your cables.

    What Exactly IS an Ethernet Cable?

    Ethernet cables are designed to conduct digital signals between one computer and another, and are used to connect everything from the massive networks required in a multi-floor office right down to linking your computer to a friend’s.

    To meet the needs of these varied uses Ethernet cables come in a number of standardised types.

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  5. May 05, 2017

    Why Choose To Buy From DTTUK?

    DTTUK are a UK based cable provider that has grown through word of mouth as much as marketing strategy. Our customers believe in our quality and service, and so do we.

    Need Your Cables Quickly?

    Strategically placed in Hungerford, in the heart of the Thames Valley, we use the local infrastructure to ensure that we can provide you with our quality products in an extremely timely manner. If you need same day delivery we will try our best to provide that. Our courier service is used to providing a variety of same day and next day deliveries, timed for your peace of mind

    Building Business Partnership

    Understanding our customers’ requirements is an essential part of what we do. Rather than just being a “shop” we like to build client partnerships, to exceed expectations and to ensure we are the best we can be. Our staff are all highly experienced in the networking industry which helps us to

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  6. May 05, 2017

    Featured Product - Cisco Compatible Leaded Panels - VG224, VG310 & VG320 Options

    Leaded panels are predominantly used to provide connectivity for Cisco voice gateways e.g VG224 ,VG310 & VG320 simply by plugging in the RJ21 connector.

    The Benefits of Leaded Panels

    The main benefit of our leaded panels are the fact that they eliminate the need to buy numerous different components or send an engineer out to site; they are ready to go straight from the box with no effort or technical know-how necessary.

    DTTUK’s specialist leaded panels are made in-house by our fully-trained, experienced team of technicians and come fully inspected and tested before despatch to ensure a zero failure rate.

    We also hold large quantities of stock in our warehouse allowing for immediate dispatch with the option of free standard next-day delivery on orders over £150 as well as next-day pre-noon and pre-10.30 options available for UK orders

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