Non-metallic Protected

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Non-metallic Protected

Non-metallic Protected

Superior constant non-metallic protection in harsh environments

Non-metallic Protected

  • Suitable for bare fibre, buffered fibre, ribbon fibre, small core cables
  • Protection and breakout of fibres
  • Manifolds enable small core fibre cables with aramid to be securely and mechanically terminated
  • Duplexers enable multi-fibre cable to be divided into two circuits
  • Cable & Patch Anchors retain a minimum 100N pulling load on cables with aramid yarns
  • Breakout Units allow arrangements of sheathed fibres or cable elements
  • Fibre lifespan and reliability greatly increased
  • Cost effective solutions

One of our strengths is our knowledge of cabling products and our ability to provide bespoke packages to suit individual requests, as well as standard products.

DTT can manufacture fibre leads to suit various environments and applications We run our own workshop with a specialised assembly team.

Everything is manufactured to industry standards and to specific requirements, from required lengths, range of colours and labelling, to custom made assemblies.

Our experienced technicians are fully trained in the termination of all types of copper and fibre connectors.

Finally, we carry out 100 per cent testing and inspection.

If you would like more details, or have a specific project in mind. Please call our Sales Team to discuss your exact requirements or e-mail

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