Adapter card
Circuit board or other hardware that provides the physical interface from a PC, workstation or other equipment to the communications network.
A number uniquely identifying each node in a network.
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)
An Internet Protocol that dynamically maps Internet addresses to physical (hardware) addresses on a LAN.
A harmonic-style adapter that allows direct conversion from a 50-pin Telco connector to RJ45 receptacles.
ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
A new type of cell switching technology which uses fixed-length packets to transmit data from source to destination. ATM uses fixed-length 53-byte cell-switching to transmit data, voice and video over both LANs and WANs. Also referred to as BISDN and Cell Relay.
AUI (Attachment Unit Interface)
The branch cable interface located between a MAU (transceiver) and a DTE (typically a workstation). Includes a 15-pin D-sub connector and sometimes a 15-conductor twisted pair cable. Maximum length is 50 meters (164 ft.).

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